Respect to George Harrison


George Harrison was a famous singer.  He was from England. He helped Bangladesh in 1971 during our Liberation War. George Harrison sang a song on Bangladesh to help Bangladesh. He fought for Bangladesh by organizing the historic concert for Bangladesh. the concert for Bangladesh was held on 1st August 1971 at the Madison Square Garden, New York. George Harrison and some other musicians performed the concert. About forty thousand audiences attended the Concert. The Concert was organized to make the world aware of the suffering of Bangladesh during our Liberation War. It was a great success because it won huge support for the millions of war victims of Bangladesh. It is our duty to remember George Harrison and his friends. We should be grateful to George Harrison and his friends, because they helped us in our days of struggle and suffering.


Tayasshuk Tawhid


Student(class six)

Holy Crescent(Int’L) School & College

Banasree, Rampura, Dhaka-1219.


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